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OK, not knowing a LOT about scopes, but understanding the basics well, I know the biggest difference between the average scope and a rimfire one is where the parallax is set; usually, a rimfire is 50-ish yards, as opposed to the 100yd standard for most optics.

Having said that, is parallax an issue with IER scopes?  Most manufacturers bury serious numbers pretty deep, and I haven't found anything for EER or IER scopes regarding parallax ranges.

What would ya'll think of a 'rimfire' scout scope?  Priced around, say, $100 and made by a quality manufacturer?

What specs would you like to see?  Eye relief?  Power?  I'm going to add up what we come up with over the next week or so and throw it on the wall and see if anything sticks at a couple of optics builders and see what happens.


I don't know much about rimfire scopes either, I have mostly used irons my whole life.  

I did put a couple of BSA (code for CHINA) 2X pistol scope on my 10/22 for $39.00 ,  and a Fitco (also code word) on a 77/22 $20.00

I thought they might last a few months,  but after 3 years,  they still work fine,  and even hold a zero (I was very surprised).  I favor the BSA over the Fitco, clarity seems a lot better.  

I just couldn't bring myself to put a 300.00 scope on a 1-200.00  22 LR.


Most pistol scopes are parallax free at 50 yards.  I have a Swift Premier 2x pistol scope I have used on my scout rifle and very pleased with it.  I'm going to keep it as a back up for my scout rifle.  They are also very affordable and have excellent BaK7 Schott glass lenses.  Also, parallax free at 50 yards.

I've using a no name china scope that I bought from J&G Sales for $18.00. It is an EER not a LER scope.(I just checked and it looks like they are out right now, check back later)

The only time you have to concern yourself with paralax is when you're shooting at a small target at long range with a high magnification 'scope, so you'll be ok with one set to be paralax free anywhere between 50 and 150 yds on your .22.   

I too would look at some of the 2x handgun scope's in that price range for a rimfire scout.  If Bushnell lists one for around 100$ that would be my first choice.  The only problem I've heard of (never experienced) with using a handgun scope as a forward mounted riflescope is that the eye relief can be too long meaning you run out of room in the mounts and can't get it mounted forward enough.   


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