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Remington 700 Scout Rifle

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Beautiful rig bro, beautiful rig. 

What is your guys opinion on the these particular scope mounts in the pictures versus a Rem 700 rail from B-Square? I am going the poor man's route and I believe the B-Square is one of my only options.

Who did the mounts for the scope?  I have a 700 VTR -- the one with triangular barrel -- I'm considering having modified for a forward mounted scope.

maybe I am mistaken
but the rear sight does it get in the way of the scope when shooting your rifle?

The scope bases on this rifle are integral with the barrel; they are substantially more stable than mounts that are screwed to the barrel.

The scout scope and the iron sights are both zeroed at 200 yards. I have a spare scout scope with Talley rings that is pre zeroed.

The ghost ring rear sight is a modified A2, the 0-2 aperture is machined away leaving a lever to rotate the long range aperture upright, the lever is not noticeable when looking through the scope. The long range aperture is opened up to a ghost ring. When the ghost ring is in the upright position it is visible and blocks the lower 1/3 of the scope reticule, not a shot stopper, just slightly distracting, however it is not likely to move to the upright position on its own.

The iron sights are not co-witnessed with the scope and I don't see the need for that on this type of rifle, the scope is the primary sighting device, if the scope goes TU it comes off easily. It the cross hairs fail, centering a target in the scope is adequate until the scope can be removed.

The iron sights on this rifle are up to the capabilities of the rifle and cartridge. They are entirely suitable sighting equipment.

thanks Mike


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